The 17th Biennial Conference of The ISTP at Rikkyo University, Tokyo, August 21 - August 25, 2017

Local Organizing Committee


KONO, Tetsuya (Chair)

Ph.D., Philosophy Professor at Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan Director of Philosophical Association of Japan, Japan Association for Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Science Society, Japan, Phenomenological Association of Japan, La Société Franco-Japonais de la Philosophie.

Dr. Kono received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Keio University. His research interests include phenomenology, philosophy of mind, ethics, as well as the philosophy of education. He has employed phenomenological perspectives to conduct collaborative projects on the education of children and adults with disabilities. At present, he is a Professor in the Department of Education at Rikkyo University. His major publications include the following books (in Japanese): Phenomenology of the Environment (2016), Phenomenology of Body and Special Needs Education (2015), Phenomenology of Boundaries (2014), Introduction to Philosophy for Children (2014), Consciousness Doesn’t Exist (2011), The Ecological Self (2011), Re-questioning the Concept of Morality: Liberalism and the Future of Education (2011), The Philosophy and the Ethics of Neuroscience (2008), Moral Realism (2007), and The Ecological View of Mind (2003). He is also interested in philosophical practices, especially in philosophy for/with children as well as the moral education of children.    



TAKAGI, Kotaro

Dr. Takagi is a Professor of Psychology in the School of Social Informatics at Aoyama Gakuin University, which is where he also completed his Ph.D.. His research mainly focuses on two fields. The first involves the elaboration of a socio-ecological theory of remembering and its application to the assessment of credibility in testimonies. As expert witness, he submitted more than 25 expert evidence reports to the criminal courts in Japan since 1993. The second field of interest involves the methodologies of Vygotskian psychology, with a special emphasis on the understanding and description of the “concrete human”. His multiple book and paper publications include Vigotsukii no houhou [Vygotsky’s methodology] (2001) and Shougen no shinrigaku [Psychology of testimony] (2006).    



Dr. Miki Takasuna, professor of the Graduate School of Clinical Psychology, is also the dean of the School of Human and Social Sciences at Tokyo International University, located in Kawagoe. Her main research field is the history of psychology and neuroscience. For years she has been an active member of Cheiron (International Society for the Behavioral and Social Sciences), European Society for the History of Human Sciences, and the International Society for the History of Neurosciences. One of her main contributions is the chapter on Japan in the Oxford Handbook of the History of Psychology (2012). She is also a co-editor of Integrative Psychological & Behavioral Science (Springer) and an auditor of Japanese Society for Theoretical Psychology as of September 2016.    



Dr. Shogo Tanaka is a Professor of Psychology at Tokai University. He received his Ph.D. in philosophical psychology from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Dr. Tanaka is primarily interested in phenomenology and psychology, and more specifically, in clarifying the theoretical foundations of psychology from the perspective of embodiment, inspired by the ideas of Maurice Merleau-Ponty. The topics of his published papers encompass a broad range of issues, including body schema, body image, skill acquisition, embodied knowledge, social cognition, theory of mind, and intercorporeality. One of his articles on embodiment is published in the ISTP’s Theoretical Psychology: Global Transformations and Challenges. In August 2016, he will begin a year-long JSPS fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.



Dr. Kyoko Murakami is an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She is a member of the research centre called Centre for Person, Practice, Development and Culture in the department. She received a PhD in Psychology at Loughborough University, United Kingdom. Her research involves examining language use and social relations configured and reconfigured in social and cultural practices. It draws on discourse analysis, discursive psychology and cultural psychology and related areas in the social sciences. The topics of her recent publications include the discursive psychology of remembering and reconciliation (2012), an ethnographic study of battlefield and prison camp pilgrimages by British veterans (2014, 2016) and family reminiscence as memory practice (2016). With her educational research colleagues, Dr Murakami explores dialogic spaces in both formal and non-formal education settings – Dialogic Pedagogy (2016), research projects on group work in higher education and the experiences of international students in the internationalisation initiative of a Danish university. She is an editorial board member of a journal, Culture & Psychology.


MORI, Naohisa

Dr. Naohisa Mori is a Professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology at Sapporo Gakuin University who received his Ph. D. from Kyoto University. Although he started his career as an experimental psychologist of memory, as he learned about the social nature of memory (and experimental laboratories) he became interested in the social and institutional constraints imposed on remembering. He has published several studies on joint remembering in small groups of professional wrestling fans, as well as on the credibility of confession and testimony. His current interests include ecological approaches to socio-cultural remembering, the successive experiences of wars and disasters over generations, and theoretical discussions on the temporality and corporality of cognition. He recently co-edited Making of the Future: The Trajectory Equifinality Approach in Cultural Psychology with Tatsuya Sato and Jaan Valsiner. He is an editor of the Japanese Journal of Qualitative Psychology and a vice-President of the Japanese Society for Law and Psychology.

Local Organizing Committee Secretary

Yoshiki Kokuryo, Satoshi Sako, Aya Tanaka, Katsunori Miyahara    

Program Committee


Tetsuya Kono (Japan)

Jim Cresswell (Canada)

Maria Gurevich (Canada)

Antonia Larrain (Chile)

Thomas Teo (Canada)