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Here's some information of Yasuhito Kinoshita


name: Yasuhito Kinoshita

sex:   male          

date of birth:   

present status:  Professor of Sociology  Department of Sociology,
           College of Sociology
           Rikkyo University, Tokyo

office address:   3-34-1 Nishi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-8501 Japan

office phone & fax:    +81-3-3985-2310

<areas of specialty>
sociology of aging and care,  culture and aging,  cross-national study of welfare states,  
qualitative research methods

1976   BA in Sociology, Department of Social Relations, Rikkyo University, Tokyo

1979   MA in Asian American Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

1984   Ph.D. in Human Development and Aging, University of California, San Francisco

<working experience>
1984.10-1993.3  Director, Gerontology Center, Japan Senior Citizen’s 
                   Welfare Organization (non-profit organization), Tokyo

1993.4-1994.3   Associate Professor, Department of Sociology,
           College of Sociology, Rikkyo University, Tokyo

1994.4-present  Professor, Department of Sociology,
           College of Sociology, Rikkyo University, Tokyo

At Rikkyo University,
1999.4-2002.3   Chair, Department of Sociology,
           College of Sociology, Rikkyo University, Tokyo

1999.4-2003.3   Director, Institute of Social Welfare,
                   Rikkyo University, Tokyo

2002.4-2003.3   Chair, Ph.D. Courses in Sociology,
          Graduate School of Sociology, Rikkyo University, Tokyo

 Dean, College of Sociology, and  Chair, Graduate School of
           Sociology、RikkyoUniversity, Tokyo

1988.10〜11      Visiting Professor, Department of Building Function Analysis, School of Architecture,
            University of Lund, Sweden

1998.4〜1999.3   Visiting Fellow, Lincoln Gerontology Centre,
            LA>Trobe >University, Melbourne, Australia

【major works-selected】

In English

2008  Older People in an International Local Context: the cases of Japan and Sweden.
     co-editor: Els-Marie Anbacken, The Vardal Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden

1994  The Political-economy Perspective of Health and Medical CarePolicies for the Aged in Japan,
      In: Eldercare, Welfare State and Distributive Justice (eds.) S. Ingman and D. Gill, State >   
     University of >New York Press

1992  Refuge of the Honored: Social Organization in a Japanese Retirement Community        
    Yasuhito Kinoshita and Christie. W. Kiefer,>University of >California Press

In Japanese

<single authored books>

2009 Qualitative Study and Thickness of Description: M-GTA, Case Study, Ethnography.
    Koubundo, Tokyo

2007 Australian Aged Care: Reforms in Progress, Toushindou, Tokyo

2007  M-GTA as Lectured: A Qualitative Research Method in Practice. Koubundou, Tokyo

2003 Practice of Grounded Theory Approach、Koubundou, Tokyo

1999 Grounded Theory Approach: Revitalization of Empirical Qualitative Research. Koubundou, Tokyo

1997 Care and Blessing of Aging and Frailty, Keisou-shobou, Tokyo

1993  Humanistic Approach to Eldercare: a Sociological Perspective, Igaku-shoin, Tokyo

1992 The Welfare State Sweden and its Eldercare, Keiosu-shobou, Tokyo

1989  Sociology of Eldercare, Igakushoin, Tokyo

<edited books>

2005  Grounded Theory Approach as Practiced in Nursing, Care, Education, Koubundou, Tokyo

1999  Encyclopedia of Welfare Society, co-edited., Koubundou, Tokyo

<I have seven book chapters、and over 50 journal articles, such as the below> 
Japanese Journal of Gerontology, Japanese Journal of Nursing, Social Gerontology, Journal of Social Psychiatry, Journal of Applied Sociology, Modern Rehabilitation, Japanese Journal of Public Nursing, Social Education, Japanese Journal of Physical Rehabilitation, Japanese Journal of Occupational Therapy, the Quarterly of Social Security Research, Japanese Journal of Health Sociology, Japanese Journal of Community Psychology, Japanese Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry,  Journal of Clinical Psychology, Japanese Sociological Review,etc.


<book translations to the Japanese>

2010   Doing Health Anthropology: Research Methods for Community Assessment and Change, by Christie W. Kiefer, Springer Publishing Company, 2007
     Igakushoin, Tokyo

2009  The Long History of Old Age, edited by Pat Thane, Thames & Hudson, 2005
      Toyo Shorin, Tokyo

1988  Awareness of Dying, by B.G.Glaser and A.L.Strauss, Aldine Pub.,1965
        Igakushoin, Tokyo

1987  Chronic Illness and the Quality of Life, 2nd edition: by A.L.Strauss et al., Mosby, 1984          
    Igakushoin, Tokyo

<activities in academic associations>
 Being a member and served either as a board member, chair and member of editorial committees, or other roles,

The Japanese Society of Health and Medical Sociology (JSHWS)
The Welfare Sociology Society
The Japan Sociological Society
The Japan Socio-Gerontological Society
Australian Sociological Association (Health Sociology Review)
Qualitative Social work: Research and Practice (Sage Publications)

1977~1978      Graduate Fellowship, International Rotary Foundation
1978~1979      Graduate Fellowship,>Institute of >American Cultures,
          University of >California, Los Angeles
1980~1981      E.R. Anthony Graduate Fellowship, University of >California, San Francisco
1981~1982      Regents‘Fellowship,>University of >California, San Francisco
1982~1983      Chancellor’s Graduate Research Fellowship,>University of >California, San Francisco

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