RUP (Rikkyo University Physics Preprint)

RUP on the arXiv


The complete list of the papers with RUP ID issued from April 2001 to March 2020

RUP ID Application

If you belong to Department of Physics, Rikkyo University, and you are an author of a paper on the arXiv or you will submit a paper on the arXiv as an author in a few days, you can apply for the RUP ID of the paper.

How to obtain a RUP ID

1. Put the title and the authors of the paper in the RUP ID application form, and the RUP ID of the paper will be issued.

2. Put the issued RUP ID to your paper on the arXiv.

The RUP ID application form is within the Rikkyo intranet. Please look into here if you want to access the application form from outside the Rikkyo intranet.