The 17th Biennial Conference of The ISTP at Rikkyo University, Tokyo, August 21 - August 25, 2017


Keynote Speakers

Marie-Cécile Bertau

(Ph. D., Associate Professor at University of West Georgia)
Fields: Cultural-Historical Psychology and Theoretical Language Psychology. She has made a major contribution to the area of dialogical self psychology.

Piet Hut

(Ph. D., Professor at Institute for advanced study)
Fields: Computer Science, Astrophysics, Cognitive Psychology and Philosophy.

Ikuyoshi Mukaiyachi

(Professor at Health Sciences University of Hokkaido, Executive Director at Social Welfare Service Corporation Bethel House in Urakawa)
He is a leading expert in the field of self support study.

Darren Langdridge

(Ph. D., Professor at The Open University)
Fields: Psychology, Phenomenological Psychology and Sexuality.

Michio Okada

(Ph. D., Professor at Toyohashi University of Techonology)
Fields: Social Robotics, Epigenetic Robotics and Development of next generation human interface.

Miki Takasuna

(Ph. D., Professor at Tokyo International University)
Fields: Experimental Psychology, History of Psychology and History of Neuroscience.

Yoko Yamada

(Professor at Ritsumeikan University and Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University)
Fields: Life Span Developmental Psychology and Narrative Psychology.