Variable Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources (VI)

University of Innsbruck, April 12-14 2023


Main Topics

Variable Gamma-Ray Emission in Galactic Sources
Nonthermal Processes in Compact Objects and Binary Systems
Phenomenology & Interpretation
Theory & Numerical Simulations


Felix Aharonian (DIAS / MPIK), Pol Bordas (Barcelona University)
Valenti Bosch-Ramon (Barcelona University), Dmitry Khangulyan (Rikkyo University)
Josep Maria Paredes (Barcelona University), Olaf Reimer (University of Innsbruck)
Yasunobu Uchiyama (Rikkyo University)


Markus Holler, Ralf Kissmann, Guillem Marti‑Devesa, Anita Reimer, Olaf Reimer (chair), Claudia Wester

General Information

This sixth edition of the VGGRS workshop (see Heidelberg 2010, Barcelona 2013, Heidelberg 2015, Tokyo 2017, Barcelona 2019) will be focused on the study of gamma-ray binaries as well as on perspectives of better understanding these systems from the viewpoint of theory, methods, data & instruments. We intend to gather people actively working in these fields and discuss the present and future challenges that new observations, numerical simulations, and theoretical modelling are posing. The workshop will last for three days, from April 12th to April 14th 2023, with extended discussion sessions at the end of each day.
The format will be similar to the previous meetings: modest size, quite informal, and very much discussion oriented. As in past editions, there will be no proceedings. The talks will be of 20 minutes including questions.

Workshop Participants

Alberto Bonnollo, Alessandro Papitto, Alicia Lopez-Oramas, Andrzej Zdziarski, Anita Reimer, Arnau Aguasca-Cabot, Atsuo Okazaki, Benito Marcote, Brian Reville, Brian van Soelen, Chang Dong Rho, Denys Malyshev, Diego Torres, Edgar Molina, Elina Kefala, Frank Rieger, Frédéric Jaron, George Pavlov, Guillem Martí-Devesa, Gustavo E. Romero, Hiroki Yoneda, Jieshuang Wang, Jose López Miralles, Julian Pittard, Laura Olivera-Nieto, Mallory Strider Ellison Roberts, Manel Perucho, Manuel Rocamora, Marc Ribó, Maria Chernyakova, Mar Carretero-Castrillo, Natalie Matchett, Olaf Reimer, Ralf Kissmann, Santiago del Palacio, Teddy Cheung, Tobias Kleiner, Tomer Shenar, Valenti Bosch-Ramon

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Workshop Venue

Palais Claudiana:
The Claudiana is the former building of the Tyrolean Government and carries the name of princess Claudia de Medici. Under her authority the building had been rebuilt and equipped with an opulent paneled renaissance ceiling. Today the Claudiana is part of the University of Innsbruck. Palais Claudiana is located in the periphery of the Goldenen Dachl (Golden Roof) in Innsbrucks Old Town. The conference will take place in the Claudia hall (2. floor) and the Türing hall (1. floor).


Venue address:
Claudiana, Herzog-Friedrich-Str. 3, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Google map

Getting there:
from Innsbruck Airport: bus line F (Flughafen) to stop Anichstrasse/Rathausgalerienfrom
from the train station: tram 3 to stop Terminal Marktplatz
From these stops it is only a short walk to the conference venue


Innsbruck as the state capitol of Tyrol and center of Alpine tourism features a great variety of accommodation choices, from luxury hotels to small-budget hostels and rooms. We recommend to look for a location convenient to you in the city center of Innsbruck. Please find your desired accommodation at the booking portals known to you, or Innsbruck Tourism.

Registration is open now through the University of Innsbruck web page:

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