Tomohiro Harada


Our paper, Ken-ichi Nakao, Chul-Moon Yoo and Tomohiro Harada, ``Gravastar formation: What can be the evidence of a black hole?,'' Phys. Rev. D 99 (2/2019) no.4, 044027, has been selected as the Editor's Suggestion of Physical Review D.


I am HARADA, Tomohiro. I am a professor of physics in Department of Physics, Rikkyo University. I belong to Institute of Theoretical Physics. I am working in the research field of general relativity, relativistic astrophysics and cosmology. My research interest includes black hole physics, gravitational waves, primordial black holes, gravitational collapse, spacetimes singularities and dark energy. I have been a member of Physical Society of Japan since 1996, Astronomical Society of Japan since 1996, Rironkon since 1997 and International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation since 2007.

My contact information is the following:

Address : Department of Physics, Rikkyo University, Toshima, Tokyo 171-8501, Japan

Contact: E-mail :, Fax : +81 3 3985 2412



身分:立教大学理学部教授・京都大学博士(理 学)


住所:〒171-8501 東京都豊島区西池袋 3-34-1 立教大学理学部

居室: 4331, ファックス: 03-3985-2412, 電子メール:


研究テーマ:ブラックホール物理学・重力波・原始ブラックホール・重力崩 壊・時空特異点・自己相似解・ダークエネルギーなど