Previous Research Themes

1983-1985iUniv. of Tsukubaj Operations Research. The keywords are stochastic models and optimization. The title of the graduation thesis was Game theories and its applications where I worked on, the stochastic game, a kind of multi-stage game theories . At the graduate school, I studied stochastic processes such as renewal processes and martingales, and analyzed policies for investiments using martingales. Furthermore, I gave another proof for each of the theorems on the optimal policies of the stochastic game and the Markov decision process using martingale.
1985-1990imdbj Development tool for expert systems. I was in charge of a rule inference engine.
1989imdbj Conducted an experiment on the ability of a specification description language for communication protocols, knsnr
(collaboration with Electrotechnical Laboratory and other makers).
1996-1999iElectrotecnical Laboratoryj A model of human mind. Proposed a personality model in order to implement functions of human mind on computer systems. I focused the defense mechanism such as repression.

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