Rikkyo Community Language Service (RiCoLaS), is a program hosted by Rikkyo University in which translator and interpreter (TI) trainees participate in real TI projects, both inside and outside of the university. Trainees mainly consist of students from Rikkyo’s College and Graduate School of Intercultural Communication.

RiCoLaS employs a “service-learning” approach, which is a form of experiential education that involves learning through practical experience within the wider community. Employing this method enables the following educational benefits:

  1. Students are able to develop their ability to provide TI services by applying the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom to real-world situations.
  2. Students are able to reflect on their interactions with clients and their provision of services, allowing them to actively plan their future career pathways.
  3. By contributing to projects that assist the community both on and off campus, students are able to develop their understanding of their societal roles and responsibilities.

The program also aims to provide clients with valuable experience that allows them to become effective users of TI services.

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