Studies in Translation and Interpreting at Graduate School (Master’s and Doctoral Program)

Rikkyo University Graduate School of Intercultural Communication has been a leading institution in Translation and Interpreting Studies in Japan. We actively provide opportunities to interact with partner universities abroad and host international conferences and lectures. Our library prides itself on holding the largest stock of books in Japan on translation and interpreting studies. We also offer grants to support graduate students’ research activities.

List of Theses and Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations

  • Identification and rewriting of negative translatability indicators in human translation: Pre-editing Japanese hybrid texts for translation into Chinese (2019)
  • Standardization of English subtitles for Japanese films: A study focusing on the production process (2016)
  • Risk management in the decision-making process of English-Japanese news translation (2015)
  • Translation equivalence revisited: Meta-theoretical analysis of translation theories based on social semiotics (2014)
  • Oral history of Chinese-Japanese interpreters: How their norms are formed (2014)
  • Court interpreting and linguistic ideology: Anthropological linguistic analysis of court discourse mediated by an interpreter (2014)
  • Media representation and translational act: A semiotic anthropological analysis on the discursive textualization of the “Bosnian conflict” (2011)
  • Revising text: An empirical investigation of revision and the effects of integrating a TM and MT system into the translation process (2011)
  • Morita Shiken's views on translation: Two coexisting orientations (2010)

Selected Master’s Theses

  • Noticing function of consecutive interpreting into second language (2020)
  • A study of the role of language volunteers acting as interpreters in the Olympics (2019)
  • Training medical interpreters: A case study of a training organization in Tokyo (2019)
  • Translating the "untranslatable" word amae: Strategies to overcome cultural differences (2019)
  • Loss of character voice in subtitles: Testing strategies to improve functional equivalence (2019)
  • A study on intonations in Japanese-Chinese consecutive interpreting (2018)
  • Japanese and Chinese norms of subtitling in The Big Bang Theory (2018)
  • Explicitation in translation: A case study of noda in the Japanese translation of “Justice” by Michael Sandel (2018)
  • Deletion and addition in Japanese translations of online news articles: Comparative analysis of political articles on BBC News and The Wall Street Journal (2018)
  • A study on role awareness of in-house interpreters and expectations of their users (2017)
  • A study of first person pronouns and financial particles used in Japanese-to-Thai court interpreting (2017)
  • Value appraisal and translator style analyzing value-laden epithets in Swedish-Japanese translation using appraisal theory (2017)
  • A study of translating abusive language in movie subtitles (English-Chinese and English-Japanese) (2017)
  • Comparative analysis of Japanese authorial titles for “Sherlock”: bilingual and monolingual versions (2017)
  • Development and evaluation of a framework for authoring bilingual information on medical services (2017)
  • Critical discussion on the crowdsourced translation: Case study of Japanese subtitles for film Ted (2017)