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Institute of theoretical physics (ITP) at Rikkyo University was established in 1949 as a place for research on elementary particle theories. For the past 70 years, we have been conducting theoretical research on the physics of elementary particles and the universe.


ITP currently has about 30 faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students, and is composed of two major groups: astrophysics and elementary particle physics. In the field of astrophysics, research on general relativity and modified gravitational theories, as well as cosmology and astrophysics based on them, has been active. The field of elementary particles ranges from purely theoretical studies such as superstring theories to phenomenological studies such as high-energy reactions. Each member of the group is actively and freely pursuing his or her own interests.



ITP offers many opportunities to deepen your understandings of the latest in physics. For example, a weekly colloquium is held to learn about the latest results from researchers invited from other institutions. We also have weekly meetings to report on our progress and to introduce the current literature. In addition, there are many opportunities for graduate students to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for their research.

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