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PhD Theses

Year Name Title Research Field
2020 Shin'ichi Hirano Toward Tests of Degenerate Higher-Order Scalar-Tensor Theories on Small and Large Scales Astrophysics
2019 Hiromu Ogawa Anti-Screening of the Galileon Force Around a Disk Center Hole Astrophysics
2019 Kota Ogasawara High Energy Particle Collision and Energy Extraction Process near a Rotating Black Hole Astrophysics
2018 Chika Hasegawa Conformal Field Theory on d-Dimensional Real Projective Space : Fundamentals and Applications Particle Physics
2018 Sakine Nishi Observational Predictions of Generalized Galilean Genesis Astrophysics
2018 Shotaro Oka Canonical approach —Investigation of finite density QCD phase transition— Particle Physics
2017 Takafumi Kokubu Stability of Wormholes with Singular Hypersurfaces in Einstein and Gauss-Bonnet theories of gravity Astrophysics
2017 Kohji Yajima Suppressing the primordial tensor amplitude without changing the scalar sector in quadratic curvature gravity Astrophysics
2014 Sho Kamata Research for γ5-hermiticity in the minimal doubling fermion Particle Physics
2013 Naoki Tsukamoto Search for exotic gravitating objects with gravitationallensing Astrophysics
2013 atoshi Okuda G/G Theory and the Bethe Ansatz for the Integrable System Particle Physics
2013 Daisuke Takahashi Classical solutions in open string field theory particle physics
2011 Masahiro Shimano Early universe models in loop quantum cosmology astrophysics
2011 Shuji Sasagawa Numerical calculation of Schwinger-Dyson equation with momentum-dependent gauge parameter at finite temperature Particle Physics
2007 Yuya Wakabayashi Thermal leptogenesis scenarios in the restrictive left-right symmetric model Particle Physics
2007 Yoichi Chizaki
Covariant BRST quantization of closed string in PP-wave background
Particle Physics
2007 Hideki Maki
2006 Yuichi Sekiwa Thermodynamics of de Sitter black holes : thermal cosmological constant Particle Physics
2005 Hiroyuki Matsuura Atomic Schwinger-Dyson method in finite systems Particle Physics
2003 Tetsuya Sugiura Properties of three-body decay functions derived with time-like jet calculus Particle Physics
2001 Masaki Hirasawa Vortex Configurations, Oscillations and Pinning in Neutron Star Crusts Astrophysics
2001 Toshinobu Takagi Evolution from Distant Star-Forming Galaxies to Nearby Elliptical Galaxies Astrophysics
2000 Makoto Narita
1998 Satoru Hirano Thermal and Rotational Responses of a Neutron Star to the Glitch and Frictional Instabilities Astrophysics
1996 Noriaki Ano Geometrical Aspects of Topologically Twisted 2-Dimensional Conformal Superalgebra Particle Physics
1990 Koichi Nakagawa Renormalizability of the type-�T Neveu-Schwarz-Ramond open thermal superstring Particle Physics
1988 Fumiko Kuwahara Relativistic accretion tori around Schwarzschild black holes Astrophysics
1988 Ikuko Asaoka
1988 Masato Jimbo Polarization effects for selectron production in e+e- collisions Particle Physics
1988 Tadashi Kon Asymmetries in the single smuon production e+e- → μ+γ μ- Particle Physics
1986 Toshio Ochiai Recombination in multiple hard scattering and meson production at large transverse momentum in high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions Particle Physics
1981 Sung-kil Yang Higher Rank Cylinder Amplitude Particle Physics
1981 Mariko Kato Structure and Mass Loss Rate of Stars Immersed in Hot Radiation Field Astrophysics
1978 Noriaki Shibazaki Numerical Study of a Stationary Accretion Disk Surrounding a Black Hole Astrophysics
1978 Shigeharu Mutoh The Boson Propagator in Reggeon Field Theory Particle Physics
1977 Kanenobu Tsukahara High Energy Phenomenology of the Fixed Pole Pomeron — Proton-Proton Elastic Scattering — Particle Physics
1976 Sohkichi Suzuki Fireball Emission and Slope of the Overlap Function Particle Physics
1976 Haruo Suzuki 1D2 proton proton reactions in Sub-GeV region and the possible existence of a diproton resonance Particle Physics
1969 Toshiaki Hirasawa Formation of Protogalaxis and Molecular Processes in Hydrogen Gas Astrophysics
1968 Hiroto Tabara Structure and evolution of quasi-stellar radio sources Astrophysics
1962 Junko Goto Nucleon-nucleon scattering in momentum space Particle Physics
1961 Tsuyoshi Honda Antisymmetric Treatment of Deuteron-Stripping Reaction Particle Physics