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Phone+81-3-3985-(ext) (Staff and Secretary Only)
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Name HP Position Research field E-Mail Office Ext
Tomohiro  Harada HP Professor Astrophysics harada 4331 2390
Tsutomu  Kobayashi HP Professor Astrophysics tsutomu 4328 2389
Yasuyuki  Hatsuda HP Associate Professor Particle Physics yhatsuda 4324 2612
Tomonori  Ugajin HP Associate Professor Particle Physics ugajin 4333 2410
Takashi  Hiramatsu HP Assistant Professor Astrophysics hiramatz 4335 4637
Takaaki  Ishii HP Assistant Professor Particle Physics ishiitk 4326 4541
Kenta  Suzuki Assistant Professor Particle  Physics 4326 4541
Kumiko  Kozai Secretary riron-hisho 4334 2414


Name HP Position Research field E-Mail Office Ext
Zhibang  Yao Research Fellow Astrophysics zhbyao 4336
Takuya  Takahashi Research Fellow Astrophysics ttakahashi1 4335 4637
Kengo  Kikuchi Research Fellow Particle  Physics 4332
Hiroaki  Tahara HP Research Fellow Astrophysics tahara 4335 4637
Shin'ichi  Hirano HP Visiting Researcher
(National Institute of Technology, Oyama College, Assistant Professor)
Astrophysics s.hirano 4336
Keitaro Tomikawa Research Fellow Astrophysics
Takafumi Kokubu Research Fellow Astrophysics
Tomotaka  Kitamura Research Fellow Particle  Physics t-kitamura
Satoshi  Okuda Research Fellow Particle  Physics okudas
Keisuke  Nakashi HP Visiting Researcher Astrophysics
Sanjay Jhingan Visiting Researcher Astrophysics
Masashi  Kimura HP Visiting Researcher Astrophysics


Name HP Grade Research field E-Mail Office Ext
Yosuke Mishima Doctor Course Astrophysics yosuke 4332 8057
Tomoaki Murata Doctor Course Astrophysics tmurata 4332 8057
Jin Saito Doctor Course Astrophysics j_saito 4336 8058
Peiyang Lin Doctor Course Astrophysics 23ra005y 4332 8057
Toshiki Takadera Doctor Course Astrophysics t.takadera 4336 8058
Yume Sato Doctor Course Astrophysics sato_yume 4332 8057
Akihito Katsumata Doctor Course Astrophysics a.katsumata 4332 8057
Hayami Iizuka Doctor Course Astrophysics h.iizuka 4336 8058
Keigo Horikoshi Doctor Course Particle  Physics k5tan 4332 8057
Masaki Michiwaki Master Course Astrophysics 23la019c 4332 8057
Tomohito Shiga Master Course Particle physics 23la001s 4332 8057
Kanato Ito Master Course Particle physics 23la003y 4332 8057
Ami Horinouchi Master Course Astrophysics 24la006w 4332 8057
Yuki Horii Master Course Astrophysics 24la004b 4332 8057
Ryoya  Tomita Master Course Astrophysics 24la022z 4336 8058
Tomoki Takeuchi Master Course Astrophysics 24la008a 4336 8058
Masaki Sekine Master Course Astrophysics 24la024d 4336 8058
Jinyoung Jhun Master Course Astrophysics 24la016x 4332 8057
Koya Tameda Master Course Particle physics 24la023b 4332 8057
Mitsuki Tanaka Master Course Particle physics 24la007y 4332 8057
Shota Ishikawa Master Course Particle physics 24la002x 4332 8057