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Nagano Laboratory at Rikkyo University has newly started in April 2020.
New leader Dr. Ishizaki has also joined our lab members in 2022. Now, 7 master's students, 5 fourth-year students and 2 third-year students conduct our research. They are working hard and reliably to carry out their research steadily.
 As typified by LCDs, our goals are to create new material functions emergent by dynamically designing the nanostructures and molecular orientations of soft materials such as LCs and polymers. Now, we are developing the molecular orientational functions of LC polymer materials, such as photo-reorientation of LC polymers and block copolymers, photoaligned directed self-assembled lithography materials, photoaligned ion-conductive polymers, the thermal conductivity of liquid crystalline polymers.
(the photo is Snowy Morris Hall by Kanamori-san.)
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 The Fall semester ends

Congratulations on your graduation!

Your graduates are colorful, youthful, and full of hope. As one who remain, I will always miss them. Thanks to the hard work of the master course students, we have presented at conferences and international meetings. Now all we need is a paper...

Best wishes for your future!