Variable Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources (VI)

University of Innsbruck, April 12-14 2023



Speaker Title
April 12th
Alicia Lopez-Oramas MAGIC recent discoveries of gamma-ray binaries
Laura Olivera-Nieto HESS recent discoveries of gamma-ray binaries
Tobias Kleiner VERITAS recent discoveries of gamma-ray binaries
Chang Dong Rho HAWC recent discoveries of gamma-ray binaries
Guillem Martí-Devesa Fermi-LAT view of gamma-ray binaries
Arnau Aguasca-Cabot Novae at very-high-energy gamma rays: present and future
Edgar Molina The 2018 flare of MAXI J1820+070: gamma rays and physical constraints
Diego Torres Radio pulsations from LS I +61 303
Tomer Shenar Massive stars and their winds
Brian van Soelen Optical properties of gamma-ray binaries with O-type stars
Atsuo Okazaki Be stars and disks
Natalie Matchett Investigating the orbital solution of HESS J0632+057
April 13th
Valenti Bosch-Ramon The physics behind the non-thermal emission in gamma-ray emitting binaries
Elina Kefala Dynamics and emission of interacting pulsar-stellar winds in a high-mass gamma-ray binary
Gustavo E. Romero Super-Eddington colliding wind binaries
Santiago del Palacio Colliding wind binaries
Julian Pittard Particle acceleration and non-thermal emission in colliding-wind binaries
Frank Rieger Particle acceleration in relativistic outflows in gamma-ray binaries
Brian Reville Particle acceleration in RS Oph
Jieshuang Wang Particle acceleration in shearing flows: numerical simulation of jets and colliding winds
Manel Perucho Instability development in interacting outflows in gamma-ray binaries
Ralf Kissmann HD in (pulsar) gamma-ray binaries
Jose López Miralles Unravelling the relativistic magnetized jet dynamics of the microquasar SS 433: the scale of the sub-parsec
April 14th
Alessandro Papitto Bridging accretion and rotation-powered neutron stars, the case of transitional millisecond pulsars
Teddy Cheung Fermi/LAT observations of Nova and other BS
Hiroki Yoneda X-rays in gamma-ray binaries
Benito Marcote Radio observations of gamma-ray binaries
Marc Ribó Long-term optical observations of the gamma-ray binary LS I +61 303
Maria Chernyakova Broadband properties of gamma-ray binaries with a radio pulsar
Frédéric Jaron The long-term modulation of LS I +61 303 across the electromagnetic spectrum
Andrzej Zdziarski Physical implications of gamma-ray emission from Cyg X-3
Mar Carretero-Castrillo Search for new gamma-ray binaries among runaway stars using Gaia DR3
Denys Malyshev On the origin of the complex energy-dependent structure of HESS J1702-420